The law is our profession but training is our passion

Empower your staff

Our legal coaching gives your staff the confidence and reassurance to carry out their roles and become an asset to your business

Reduce your risk

Legal training reduces your business risk, whether it is through better contracting, improved processes, or just having more knowledgeable staff

Save money

Make better use of external advisors and save money by ensuring that your staff already understand the legal issues at hand

At Simple Legals we provide legal coaching and training to businesses. We really do like to keep it that simple. 

We’ll train you and your staff on topics relevant to the role, whether it is commercial contracting, employment and HR, data protection compliance, or software development. 

Legal obligations touch on all of your staff, and we’re here to help them to understand the law, and make better decisions for your business. We don’t do law lectures, we do interactive workshop sessions that are engaging as well as informative, and sometimes even fun!

Let us bring our experience of training junior lawyers direct into your business.