I set up Simple Legals because in my working life I’m passionate about three things: the law; training; and technology. Simple Legals enables me to combine these three passions perfectly.

W orking alongside some fantastic lawyers and trainers, we’ve developed fun, informative and practical workshop sessions to improve the legal awareness in businesses, as well as offering our expertise to other law firms. It’s really been an eye-opener as to how legal services can be delivered.

I qualified as a solicitor back in 2004, the same year that FaceBook was launched, and its safe to say that the working environment in the legal sector was very different to how it is today, and certainly different to how it had been 15 years previously.

The firm I qualified with did have email. Just the one account mind, and a switchboard operator whose job was to read the email and then forward it on to the relevant lawyer (with varying success rates). The internet was accessed through one computer in the library, and a direct dial number was something my clients only dreamt of.

Phil Brown, Founder of Simple Legals

There have been lots of developments in the law too, especially as technology (and society) develops but I still remember the lessons that my training partners taught me during my early days as a lawyer – starting with “Keep It Simple Stupid”. That approach has served me well over the years, and I have put telecommunications equipment into nuclear power stations and software platforms into some of the world’s most recognisable brands. Quite frankly I love my job.

And because I love my job, I love training others how to do it – no matter how experienced they are. That’s why I train lawyers, businesses and students.

And because I love technology, we’re on an ambitious plan to develop and launch a new content delivery platform so that not only can we deliver e-learning around the globe, but other law firms can offer online training through the same platform to their clients. The delivery of legal services is changing, and its going to be a roller coaster ride for sure. For sure, it will be those who innovate and excite their clients who will survive.

So if you want to share my passion for the law; training and technology, empower your staff, reduce risk and save yourself money, then please do get in touch because it would be great to work with you.