Commercial Contracts

Sales and procurement teams often have to review and revise commercial agreements without any formal legal training, often leaving them at a disadvantage in negotiations. 

We have developed a course of three workshops which look to redress the balance, giving your employees an overview of basic legal principles and concepts, but also a more detailed understanding of your own documentation and what it means for your business.

These sessions can be run as a boot camp over 2-3 days, or separated out into a programme of continued professional development.

And of course, we can tailor the workshops to meet your own business needs.

Day 1

Back to Basics

The first of a series of three workshops where we cover some of the fundamental issues around contract formation and incorporation of terms, together with explanations of some of the most common legal terminology and principals. Whether new to commercial contracting, or a refresher for more experienced team members, this workshop gives a solid base of legal understanding to build on in the further sessions.

Day 2

Advanced Contracting

Building on the introduction from the first workshop, this practical session introduces compliance and competition issues, together with consumer protection (if relevant to your business). The second part of this workshop then looks at the content of the contract, its form and layout and then some negotiation tips, tactics and techniques for getting the deal over the line.

Day 3

Contract Walkthrough

This interactive workshop is a walkthrough of your own standard documentation where we discuss the implications of the drafting and common negotiation points, providing a practical application of the lessons from the first two workshops.

Please note that this session uses your own standard documentation to ensure that it is relevant to your business.

As with all our workshops, this session can be tailored to meet your requirements, so please do get in touch with us. In particular, we have separated out three elements of the course that have been very popular.

How to draft any legal contract

Our simple guide to making sure that you’ve got the correct information into your contract, and when to call in the lawyers.

Negotiation: tips, tactics and techniques

A practical workshop on the different approaches to negotiation and how to spot which approach may work best in a given situation.

Selling to Consumers: Your legal obligations

A workshop on consumer rights following the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act 2015; what information must be given to consumers and what happens in the event of faulty goods or services.