Coming Soon!

Whilst we are big fans of in-person training (naturally), we understand that it isn’t always convenient or cost-effective to our clients, and so we are in the process of developing our own e-learning platform whereby we can deliver a number of courses to your employees so that they can learn from the comfort of your office, their own home, or anywhere; and at a time that is most convenient to them.

Our e-learning platform will enable you to sign up your staff for different courses and monitor their performance; and we can integrate it into most HR software packages for efficient record-keeping.

In addition to our longer workshops (don’t worry, we’re splitting them into easily digestible modules) we’ll also be including a number of shorter webinars and regular updates on a variety of legal topics.

We think it’s pretty cool, and will make life easier for our clients – for example, if you have just suffered a personal data breach, you can simply log on and undertake our training on how to deal with personal data breaches. No trying to schedule diaries for convenient times, or scrabbling through notes from a previous workshop trying to remember what you were taught; just convenient, timely, cost-effective training.