Partner with us

We’re always on the look out for interesting people to work with, and organisations to partner with so that we can spread the Simple Legals philosophy of making law uncomplicated.


We’re always interested to hear from lawyers with experience of delivering client training. Whether you want to deliver our standard workshops or have some training of your own, we offer competitive rates and can take the hassle out of getting and managing bookings.

Business trainers, coaches and mentors

If you deliver any sort of professional training to individuals or teams, then we’d be interested to talk to you to discuss how we may be able to work together to offer the full service of business education to our respective clients. Whether it is joining forces to deliver combined training, or simply reciprocal introduction and referral fees, let’s spread the word together.

Business networks, trade associations and professional organisations

If you think our legal training workshops may be of interest to your members, then why not partner with us to deliver them. We can work together to offer discounted rates or profit-sharing arrangements, depending on your needs.