Frequently Asked Questions

Please do get in touch if you have any questions, but we have set out some of our most regularly asked questions below.

Absolutely. The workshops that we have listed on our website are some of the most popular themes, and can be tailored to meet your needs. Alternatively, if the workshop descriptions don’t fit your requirements, we can design a new workshop for you so that they do.

You will be responsible for providing a suitable venue for the training, with requirements dependent on the number of attendees. All that we ask is that there is a projector and screen or a large TV togerther with suitable power outlets, and that refreshments are provided at the start of the course and during breaks.

It depends on the nature of the workshop, but we tend to suggest that groups of 10-15 work best to allow for interaction and questions.

Our workshops are primarily in-house workshops, where we come to your premises and train your staff, although we do occasionally run open workshops around the country where you can attend alongside other businesses. Please get in touch to register your interest and let us know where you are based and which course you are interested in.

We’re currently building our own e-learning platform, where we will be able to provide online courses, together with live workshops. However, in the meantime we are able to set up live webinars if you would prefer to do the workshop online.

Because our workshops are usually tailored to meet our client’s requirements it will largely depend on what you need. For example some workshops can be run as full-day or half-day sessions, depending on the level of detail that you would like to go into. As a rough guide though, a half-day workshop is usually in the region of £1500 plus VAT, and a full-day workshop is in the region of £2,000 plus VAT.