The law is our profession;
but training is our passion

Empower your staff

Our legal training gives your staff the confidence and reassurance to carry out their role and be an asset to your organisation. It demonstrates that you take their roles seriously and empower them to resolve problems on their own.

Reduce your risk

Legal training reduces business risk, whether it is through better contracting, improved processes, or just having more knowledgeable staff. It helps your business maintain its competitive edge over your rivals.

Save money

Make better use of external advisors and save money by ensuring that your staff already understand the legal issues at hand, but are aware of when it is appropriate to call in the professionals.

At Simple Legals we provide legal training to businesses. It really is as simple as that. Just quality legal training in exactly the same way as we train junior (and senior) lawyers.

Our training is delivered either by way of live workshops at your premises or through a live webinar; or via our carefully designed e-learning courses. 

Whether it is part of an annual induction or refresher process for your staff, a one-off piece of training to meet your needs, or you are an individual looking to gain legal training to further your career, we can tailor our training so that it meets your requirements.

What happens if you invest in developing your people and then they leave?

What happens if you don't, and they stay?

Group discounts available on all our training workshops and e-learning courses. Get in touch so we can personalise your training.
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E-Learning, or Live Workshops, which is best?

We’re often asked which is best, e-learning or our live workshops, and the answer is that the best solution is probably a mixture of the two.  That’s why we don’t just offer our standard training courses. All workshops are bespoke to your business, but we can also create bespoke e-learning courses if that will suit your needs more. And we were offering live workshops via webinar long before Covid-19 came along and disrupted our ability for in-person training.


  • Convenient

    You and your team can learn whenever, and wherever, you want, at a pace that is convenient for you, without having to manage diaries to get all learners in the same place at the same time.

  • Cost

    An e-learning course is generally cheaper per learner than attending an equivalent live workshop, and when compared to in-person training, you no longer have the travel or venue expenses to take into consideration

  • Reporting

    Our online courses report on learner engagement, and so you can see your employees' progress on their courses, and the results of any tests or quizzes. This means that you have a clear understanding of their learning.

  • Repeatable

    All our e-learning courses come with a 12 month subscription period, and you can repeat them as many times as you like during that period. This is especially useful if you need a refresher on what you learnt, perhaps after a specific issue arises.

Live Workshop

  • Hands-on Experience

    Our live workshops are far more interactive than we are able to make our e-learning courses, and we are able to adapt the course contents to suit the learning styles, and pace, of the learners whilst continuing to maintain their attention by using their own experiences to shape the learning.

  • Shared learning

    In-person learning keeps each employee learning on the same timeline, which allows for a more inclusive learning experience. Not only are your employees able to share examples of the issues we discuss, but they are able to learn from each other which creates a stronger team-ethic.

  • Bespoke workshops

    Whilst we do create bespoke online learning for some of our clients, it is our live workshops that offer the greatest flexibility as we are able to not only shape the structure of the course to meet your needs and use your own documentation, but we are able to concentrate on areas where your learners feel they need the most support.

Our expert trainers will help you tailor a learning experience that meets your business needs, and engages your staff in a way that you may have never thought possible in respect of the law and lawyers. Yes, we are legal professionals, but training is our passion.