Commercial Contracts: Advanced Techniques

Practical workshop looking at advanced contracting techniques, and a more in-depth look at certain legal issues you may encounter.

Building on the foundations of our Commercial Contracts: Back to Basics workshop, this workshop revolves around two areas.

The first part is a more in-depth look at the legal issues that may affect your contracts, whether that is consumer protection law, competition issues or sector-specific legislation.

The second part looks at the drafting and structure of your agreements to ensure robust contracting in a format that best suits your business, before looking at negotiation of the contract itself.

As with all of our workshops, Commercial Contracts: Advanced Techniques will be tailored to your business to ensure that we cover the issues that you experience in real-life, rather than generic examples that may be unlikely to affect you.

The aim of the workshop

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Get to grips with more complex legal issues that affect your business
  • Understand the risks that can be created through poor drafting
  • Consider how the form of a contract can affect the speed and ease of the contracting process
  • Master practical drafting techniques so that you can write concise and effective agreements

Who is it for?

This workshop is aimed at anyone involved in the creation, negotiation or management of contracts. This would most likely be:

  • Sales teams
  • Procurement teams
  • Contract managers
  • Owner managers

This workshop builds on basic knowledge developed in our Commercial Contracts: Back to Basics workshop, and so if you have not attended this workshop you should ensure that you are familiar with the concepts covered in that workshop.

Workshop duration and format

This interactive workshop can be tailored to suit your needs, but we recommend that it is best carried out as a full day, or two half-days.

The workshop can either be delivered in-person, or online and course materials will be provided.

This workshop works well as a standalone workshop, or as the first part in a series of three, along with our Commercial Contracts: Back to Basics and Commercial Contracts: Walkthrough of Terms workshops.

What we will cover

Part 1

  • Compliance
  • Competition law
  • Consumer law
  • Sector-specific issues

Part 2

  • Drafting the contract
  • Content of the contract
  • Form and layout
  • Negotiation

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