Commercial Contracts: Back to Basics

A foundation workshop on the basics of contract law.

Sales and procurement teams often have to review and revise commercial contracts without formal legal training, and are potentially at a disadvantage in any negotiations. This interactive workshop aims to redress the balance by giving an introductory guide to the essential information a non-lawyer needs to minimise risk when creating, reviewing, negotiating or managing commercial contracts.

We start at the beginning, with an assumption of little or no legal training. By gaining a basic understanding of contract law, you can reduce risk by adopting simple best-practice processes and contract reviews. You will also find that your dealings with lawyers becomes easier as you know the right questions to be asking, and there is less chance of being bamboozled by their answers.

Because our workshops are fully tailored to your requirements, this workshop works especially well when allied to our Commercial Contracts: Advanced Techniques and Commercial Contracts: Walkthrough of Terms workshops to form an annual legal induction course for new starters in commercial contracting roles.

The aim of the workshop

This workshop aims to empower you by giving you the knowledge and confidence to tackle basic legal issues in contract creation and management.

You will:

  • understand the basic concepts of contract law in England & Wales, together with the terminology used by lawyers;
  • learn the requisite elements for a commercial contract to be legally binding and how to put them in place; and
  • gain a practical understanding of the key terms of commercial contracts, and why they are important.

Who is it for

This workshop is aimed at anyone involved in the creation, negotiation or management of contracts. This would most likely be:

  • Sales teams
  • Procurement teams
  • Contract managers
  • Owner managers

This is a foundation course and so is suitable for attendees with little or no legal training and is an ideal induction course for new-starters.

Workshop duration and format

This interactive workshop can be tailored to suit your needs, but we recommend that it is best carried out as a full day, or two half-days.

The workshop can either be delivered in-person, or online and course materials will be provided.

This workshop works well as a standalone workshop, or as the first part in a series of three, along with our Commercial Contracts: Advance Techniques and Commercial Contracts: Walkthrough of Terms workshops.

What we will cover

  • Contract formation
  • Incorporation of terms
  • Legal terminology
  • Key clauses
  • Boilerplate clauses
  • Execution clauses

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