General Data Protection Awareness Training

High-level training for anyone who is likely to come into contact with personal data as part of their role.


Our General Data Protection Awareness Training will help you to understand the importance of data protection, and how it applies within your business. This training has been designed to help employer’s fulfil their obligations to train employees on data protection, but is delivered in an informative and practical way.

Please note, this is not a boring law lecture! With many years’ experience of advising on data protection issues and dealing with the Information Commissioner’s Office, our trainers share stories of their time at the front-line of data protection and practical and achievable advice to better protect your business, as well as the data subjects.

The benefit of this live training as opposed to our e-learning course is that it can be tailored to your organisation and allows you and your team to share experiences with each other and gain on the spot comments from our expert trainers on how you handled the issue.

The aim of the workshop

After attendance at the training you will:

  • understand the history and purpose of data protection legislation;
  • get to grips with the key principles of the UK data protection regime;
  • understand how an organisation may lawfully process personal data;
  • know how to handle personal data responsibly; and
  • understand how to detect and prevent personal data breaches.

Who is it for?

This General Awareness training is aimed at anyone who is likely to come into contact with personal data in carrying out their role, which pretty much covers nearly everyone in an organisation.

We offer more specialised training for specific job functions which may be more suitable for some roles.

Workshop duration and format

This training takes a minimum of approximately two hours to be delivered properly in such a way as to meet accountability requirements under data protection legislation. However, our trainers can (and often do) talk about data protection for much longer than this!

This training can be delivered to larger groups than most of our workshops and is largely restricted to venue size and setup.

What we will cover

  • Brief history of data protection law, and why it is important;
  • What is personal data?
  • The underlying principles of data protection;
  • The lawful bases for processing personal data;
  • Data Subject rights;
  • Accountability obligations;
  • How to detect and prevent data breaches; and
  • The penalties for getting it wrong.

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